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Automatic Driving Schools Birmingham

Automatic Driving Lessons in Birmingham and driver training is provided on an individual basis and tailored Lessons to suit your needs. As a new driver, your lessons will be structured with focus on a particular aspect of driving for each lesson- e.g. roundabouts. See our prices and special offers
The driving lesson will start with a quick briefing of any driving procedures related to the subject of the lesson, after which you will drive along routes that will allow you to practice these procedures.
As you become a more advanced driver, these short briefs will not be necessary and you will be able to drive more independently, with Nick pointing out, correcting and explaining any driving faults that you may have. If there is something that you have forgotten how to do, Nick can give you reminders so that your driving ability progresses. Practice makes perfect.

driving instructor giving directions
If you have already had some automatic or manual driving experience, Our Instructors will take this into account or, if you have had lessons with other driving schools, they will pick up where your previous instructor left off, so you do not have to back-track and waste valuable learning time.

At Drive-Eezy we teach one to one basis so you will only have one instructor- making your automatic or manual driving lessons more comfortable and relaxed. Drive Eezy keeps records of every pupil’s progress so that he knows exactly what you have covered in the lessons, and what you need to improve on next time.
happy student passed driving lessons
Drive-Eezy ensures that you get a full hour lesson with one pupil at a time which means no car-sharing with other pupils.

Competitive Prices

The area that Drive-Eezy Driving School covers is restricted to Birmingham and the immediate surrounding areas, which means that instructor time is used efficiently and vehicle-running costs are kept down. 
This significant saving is passed on to you- the customer. Also, as it is an independent school, you do not have to pay for expensive management, office staff, or national advertising budgets.
You can also save money by booking block lessons (for prices, see top right).

You have to be at least 17 years old to start learning to drive, also you need to have a valid provisional license before you can take your first driving lesson. You can apply for your provisional license online here:

You can also collect an application form for a provisional driving licence (form D1) from your local post office.